The Dara Carter Chronicles – Episode II

In this episode Dara Carter teams up with Julianna Smaltz to gift us with new music, performs live on WABE Atlanta’s Closer Look and takes her moment to shine on 11 Alive’s Atlanta & Company.

Dara Carter’s unnamed album is targeted for release in early 2019 and Libro Musica will be along with her for the ride from now until its release. With The Dara Carter Chronicles, we will be there with her in the studio, on tour and with her as she makes appearances to promote her current and future music.

New Music from Dara Carter and Julianna Smaltz

Artists give back in many ways. Dara Carter and Julianna Smaltz decided to give their fans a double gift. This weekend the duet dropped an EP and hosted a holiday party to perform the songs live. In an effort to spread the spirit of the season fans in attendance also gave by by donating clothes, toys and financial gifts to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. This is a great example of local musicians making an impact on the community around them. Yet another reason to listen live and listen local to encourage artists like Dara Carter and Juliannna Smaltz to keep giving.

The center piece of this weekend’s holiday party was getting to hear Dara Carter’s latest EP The Change Of Life, live in such an intimate setting. The Change of Life is a three song EP.

“Lonely” is a song about heartbreak which started the entire project. Julianna and Dara were together talking about heartbreak and how important it is to fully experience this emotion as we grow. Once we face the emotion of loneliness we can find solace in our own company. Loneliness can lead to self-love. We have the power to create our own reality. With a little faith in the unknown we can fall in love with life and it’s beautiful changes.

“Life’s But a Dream” is a more upbeat song that takes an optimistic view on life “all it takes is a little bit of faith to fall in love with the change of life.” This song is about how life is what you make it.

“Favorite Holiday” is a song that needs to be on everyone’s holiday playlist. This jazzy and soulful piece of music is dripping with the spirit of love that every romance should be feeling during the holiday season. This is a song for the lovebirds who find comfort in each other during this holiday season. It’s a tribute to love.

Add The Change of Life to your music library. You can stream The Change of Life on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes. You can also get a free download of the EP at

A video for “Lonely” will be dropping soon. Stay tuned here and at for when it drops.

Dara Carter on WABE NPR’s Closer Look

Continuing to share her music beyond the stage, Dara Carter once again took to the airwaves. On WABE NPR’s Closer Look, Rose Scott spoke with Dara Carter about her new releases, and we got a live, in studio performance.

Dara Carter’s Moment to Shine

From the airwaves to live television, singer songwriter Dara Carter takes her moment to shine on NBC 11 Alive‘s ‘Atlanta & Company’. Atlanta & Company is a daily talk show featuring all things Atlanta, hosted by Christine Pullara.

Take a listen to Dara Cater performing “Try Again” and her interview with Christin host Pullara.

More Dara Carter

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