The Pussywillows at Smith’s Olde Bar

If your initial impression of a female duet named The Pussywillows is serenity and gossamer you are in for quite the surprise.  Riveting, pulse pounding and enthralling alternative rock is what you have in store when you listen to this Atlanta based team made up of Carly Gibson and Hannah Zale. 

 Take a listen to how The Pussywillows kicked off their set for tonight’s An Evening with Women of Atlanta concert and I’m certain that you will agree that their music quickens the soul.

We aren’t afraid to say what makes us angry or sad or feel sexy.  The Pussywillows hit hard and aren’t trying to please anyone.  We aren’t writing music to make radio people happy or label people happy – we just want to write what we want to. We are free. – Hannah Zale of The Pussywillows.

Backing up The Pussywillows tonight at Smith’s Olde Bar were Jack Reed on bass and David Williams on drums.  

On this cover of Tracey Bonham’s 1996 hit “Mother Mother” The Pussywillows capture all of the frantic energy that makes this song great as they explode through the chorus.

A portion of ticket sales from tonight’s concert went to Women in Music.  Women in Music is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing valuable resources to thousands of women at all stages of their careers.  More than 100 music industry professionals participate in the organization to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition   

Listen live, listen local and catch The Pussywillows on a stage near you soon.  Check on their tour schedule at  If you want to hear more of their music you can stream them on Spotify or iTunes.

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