Steff Mahan performs at the A Heart For Shemere Benefit Concert

Steff Mahan, Diane Durrett and Hannah Thomas performed a writers in the round show with all proceeds going to the Turn Your Heart Light On for Shemere fund. This fund was created to help Shemere Perry and her daughter through their journey to get a heart transplant for Shemere.

Shemere has Congestive Heart Failure and has been doing everything right since first diagnosed in 2005. Her heart is tired and just can’t pump that blood like it used to. In 2018, she’s progressed from a defibrillator to a pacemaker, had to cut her work back to minimum hours just to survive, in turn, lost her medical insurance, her house, her car and she and her daughter have taken everything else they have left and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. For more of the story, please visit her GoFundMe page.

Steff Mahan is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. Her music is an Americana mix of rock, roots, folk and country. Her love for music and desire to share this love with others is why Mahan plays music. Tonight at the Red Clay Music Foundry she expressed this love through her music to help with this worthy cause.

The first thing you notice when you meet Steff Mahan is that she feels like an old friend – albeit a very gifted one. From the very beginning of her career, Mahan has told their stories – of family, the drive to pursue dreams despite the odds, the magic of falling in love, the pain of surviving broken hearts, and the singular joy of finding love again.

A Heart for Shemere Benefit Concert Playlist

Take a listen to more music from the A Heart for Shemere benefit concert.

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