Bring Me the Horizon + Grimes = “Nihilist Blues”

The time came to change the calendar on the wall and the perennial resolution-centric clickbait crowed on our screens. Ears around the world were hungering for something new. And in the moment when my own ears were open to the possibilities of the music of 2019, Bring Me the Horizon appeared in my inbox. With Oliver Sykes fronting on vocals, Matt Kean bringing the bass, Lee Malia on guitar and backing vocals, Matt Nichols on drums, and Jordan Fish on keys, Bring Me the Horizon delivers a full sound that anyone with a pulse can devour and enjoy. The Sheffield-grown fivesome’s sixth studio album is out on January 25th, titled Amo. On the album is a collaboration with Grimes, “Nihilist Blues.”

As the song begins, “Nihilist Blues” brings back memories of synthetic fibers and long nights of dancing in the silvery 2000s. Before losing myself to a past that will never reoccur, the vocals slingshot me back to slightly right of the present. Lyrics attest to an unshakable agitation that accompanies knowing that both deliverance and success come from within. The chorus is instantly infectious, simultaneously gnashing and howling, loud and luscious with rounded rhymes.

Then, a sledgehammer beat envelops, enraptures, entrances, paralyzing the listener so they can focus on the bridge. The sound swells like the ill effects of too much of a good thing, then as the track winds down, the bass closes in like a slobbering animal. And with a few parting words (I can’t hide from the nihilist at my door), it disappears into thin air.

Bring Me the Horizon is touring right now. Their show on the 26th at Atlanta’s Coca Cola Roxy is sold out, but they’ll be heading to Fairfax next week and playing a couple of shows in Manhattan after that. When you take a listen to “Nihilist Blues,” be prepared to move.

Gwendolyn Lewis Written by: