One Way ticket with Paige McCauley at Smith’s Olde Bar

What does Paige McCauley do between semesters while studying at the University of Georgia. For starters, the talented singer & songwriter puts on one hell of a show featuring her original music. Smith’s Olde Bar was the latest place where she hit the stage and I expect that you will enjoy her music as much as I did.

In addition to performing songs from her debut album The Little Things, Paige McCauley shared music some yet to be released music. “One Way Ticket” is one of the songs she shared. With her voice backed by just an acoustic guitar the listener is able to focused on Paige McCauley’s vibrant voice and travel with her on this journey.

Paige McCauley is also part of the group Until Georgia. The group was formed in Orange County, CA when she teamed up with a couple other college students that had a passion for performing and writing original music. Now while back in Georgia Paige McCauley has the opportunity to focus on her solo music until her band mates make the move to Georgia also.

One great way to draw in an audience is with a cover song. Paige McCauley called on music from the four time Grammy award winning duo The Civil Wars to add to her set. Take a listen to her cover of “Oh Henry.”

Add Paige McCauley to your music library and her latest album on iTunes  or from her website You can also stream her on Spotify.

Libro Musica Country Musicorum

Listen live and listen local to more music from Paige McCauley’s set at Smith’s Olde bar on the Libro Musica Country Musicorum YouTube playlist. On this playlist you will hear more great country music from local artists.

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