Dara Carter Chronicles – Episode III the Valentine’s Day Edition

From the White House to the Apollo Theatre to a local stage near you Dara Carter has wooed audiences with your multi-genre styling. Her first album The Gem In I, contains elements of jazz, soul, pop and hip hop

Valentine’s Day Q&A With Dara Carter

What’s your favorite love song? 
“Ordinary People” by John Legend, I love it because it highlights one of the most important understandings that I think a couple should have. WE ARE HUMAN! I think that our society can really play love up to be some amazing fairytale, which doesn’t always prepare people for the tough parts of love. I appreciate how John Legend paints love as a beautiful thing, but in a more realistic way. 

What’s your favorite breakup song? 
My favorite breakup song is “Gotta Get Through This” by Daniel Bedingfield. This song carried me through two or three high school breakups! It was my splice in a time where the end of a relationship felt like the end of the world. “I’ve gotta get through this” was the mantra! 

Do you have any favorite traditions for Valentine’s Day? 
I don’t have any specific Valentine’s Day traditions. In fact, I don’t really like to play into the holiday too much. I believe everyday is an opportunity to show your loved ones that you love them and care for them. Music hasn’t really contributed much to my Valentines Days, but for love in general it plays a huge role. When I’m in love, I speak through music, and my lover does the same. The relationships that have left the greatest mark on me have been with those who play or understand great music. 

Is there one of your original songs that you think everyone needs on their valentine’s day playlist or on their breakup playlist?
Everyone needs my original song “Try Again” on their Valentines Day list! This song is a hopeful love song about a love that has gone dry but still has a chance to be reborn. 

More Dara Carter

Dara Carter will be releasing her second album April 22nd and from there she will be going on tour. Expect to see her on stage in Montreal, LA, Vancouver, South Africa, and more!  Stay tuned to the Dara Carter Chronicles as we follow her journey.

Her 2018 EP The Change of Life contains some songs that a must add for another holiday season. Take a listen and add it to your music library.

What Are Your Valentine’s Day Favorites?

If you haven’t shared you favorite love song and favorite break up song we would love to hear from you.  

  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
  • Let us know the story behind your selection of this song.
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