Harmonize with Rising Appalachia’s New Album Leylines

Atlanta’s sibling songwriters Leah and Chloe Smith, Rising Appalachia, returned home to play an intimate set at Eddie’s Attic. Tonight’s show was special in that Rising Appalachia shared music from their soon to be released album Leylines.

Activist folk duo Rising Appalachia’s new album Leylines is set for release on May 3, 2019 Leylines is the band’s seventh studio album and was produced by Joe Henry. The album’s title alludes to invisible lines believed to stretch around the world between sacred spaces, bonded by a spiritual and magnetic presence. If you are a fan of their music you know that Rising Appalachia’s music is all about creating a deep sense of connection. The first single from Leylines is “Harmonize.”

We wrote ‘Harmonize’ as a love song and a rite of passage into a higher form of that love, It’s about the calling forth of truth, inspiration, fantasy, and honesty from the depths of a person.

Leylines Track Listing:

I Believe In Being Ready
Speak Out (Featuring Ani DiFranco)
Love Her In The Mornin’
Shed Your Grace (Featuring Trevor Hall)
Make Magic
Sunny Days
Indigo Dance (Featuring Maurice Turner)

Pre-order (digital, cd, or vinyl) Leylines here. Following Rising Appalachia’s tour schedule on their website RisingAppalachia.com.

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