Love Songs & Break Up Songs With The Dround Hounds

If you come to a Dround Hounds show be ready for unrivaled passion, emotion & drinking. The duet prides themselves on the live experience. The husband and wife rock n roll band The Dround Hounds has a unique blend of rock, blues & rockabilly that creates a truly unique style. We are pleased to have the Ryan and Lindsay Slice on share some musical inspiration for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Valentine’s Day Q&A with The Dround Hounds

What’s your favorite love song? 
“Darken My Door” by Lucero. Because we love Lucero, if you haven’t heard them you should go check them out!

What’s your favorite breakup song?
“I Hope He Breaks Your Heart” by American Aquarium. Best break up song ever!

Do you have any favorite traditions for valentine’s day? 
Drinking whiskey playing music all night!

Is there one of your original songs that you think everyone needs on their valentine’s day playlist or on their breakup playlist?
Our song called ‘Kiss Me’ is one my favorite songs of ours. And its about Kissin’ perfect for valentines

More of The Dround Hounds

The Dround Hounds is releasing their new album Don’t Let Up on February 12th and doing an album release show at Smith’s Olde Bar Saturday February 16th. So grab your Valentine date and head out to see some rock n roll. The inspiration behind their album Don’t Let Up is Ryan Lindsey’s never ending pursuit of their dreams. “As indie musicians we face many nights where it would be easy to say screw this what the hell are we doing but we always keep on and thats the theme of The Dround Hounds and always will be”

Take a listen to their latest single “Burn Out” is out now & available everywhere.

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