Valentine’s Day with Ashley Sno

In 2018 Ashley Sno put our 22 new songs over the course of 11 weeks during her SoundCloud Series. For this SoundCloud Series the singer, song writer musician put out two songs every week that were a mix of hip hop and alternative R&B tracks. She joins us today to talk about music for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Q&A with Ashley Sno

What’s your favorite love song?
Great question. “A Thousand Years” by Sting. The song has an incredible emotion to it that is in the sounds he chose to use and the way Sting sings. It’s like he’s expressing the purest and most eternal love one can imagine when he wails “I still love you”. It feels like the love is stretching him, twisting and bending him but he never breaks. Somehow the love is surviving death and turmoil to rise again in passionate flames whenever he is reborn. This song is what music is all about. Sting is my favorite artist of all times.

What’s your favorite breakup song?
My favorite breakup song is probably by Machine Gun Kelly “The Break Up”. I felt this song on a spiritual level! And that’s funny after mentioning that Sting song but breakups can do a number on your self-esteem if you let them. This song is special to me because I think it’s necessary to be confident of your value after a breakup and not to start doubting yourself. “The Break Up” will make you feel good about your breakup even if you don’t feel good about your breakup and that’s why it’s my favorite breakup song. Hats off to MGK!

Do you have any favorite traditions for valentine’s day?
I don’t have any Valentine’s traditions. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s funeral was Valentine’s day 2014 so I’ve been adjusting to the holiday since then. This year will be the 5 year anniversary and I’d just like to remember her joyfully this year and that will be my Valentine’s tradition from now on. When I’m in a relationship, it’s all about showering my significant other with love on that holiday. I like to be romantic and thoughtful so I do pull out all the stops. Music is an absolute MUST for the evening events, for which a playlist is always assembled and on standby!

Is there one of your original songs that you think everyone needs on their valentine’s day playlist or on their breakup playlist?
I’m soooooo glad you asked that question! I have a few songs that I feel like people need to hear on V-day and they’re all at! For the lovers, “All Night” is a MUST!!! “In Paris” could also get you some play (*wink wink). “Rolling Down the Lazy Waves” is also a pretty sweet song for the lovebirds. If you need some good breakup music, I got you covered, too! “The Worst”, “Again”, “Let it Rain”, and “Lipstick Stains” are definitely songs you want to hear. As far as the best breakup song I have goes though, I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback about “The Worst”, which talks about a relationship I was in several years ago. Apparently, it’s very relateable. We all seem to know someone who was “The Worst”. Go listen for yourself and see what you think.

More Ashley Sno

Just after Valentine’s Day, on February 15th, you can see Ashley Sno live at the Apache Cafe on for a post-Vday celebration. You can also catch Ashley Sno at Gallery 992 in the West End of Atlanta for Women Unplugged on February 22nd. She is also working with Shiva SoulLit to headline a show back there on March 15th. I’m back on the first Early Show of April. This summer Ashley Sno will be hosting some of her own events this summer so… stay tuned for that! Music & A Movie Date Nights… Summer 2019!!!

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