Valentine’s Day With Prisca

Prisca is a soulful artist with a powerful voice and some killer songwriting talents. Take a listen to her single “Skin” for an example of a compelling message about loving the skin you are in.

When asked about Valentine’s Day she shared these thoughts…

If you love somebody, tell them, call your grandparents if you have them, if you have a lover, make them something by hand, and if you don’t, spend some time in front of the mirror appreciating all of your blessings!

Valentine’s Day Q&A With Prisca

What’s your favorite love song?
My all time favorite love song is ‘Make You Feel My Love’ by Bob Dylan. It’s lyrical poetry leaves the listener feeling loved or at least thinking of who they may love from afar, and any song that can spark emotion goes straight to the top of my list.

What’s your favorite breakup song?
Oh maaaaannnnn I have a few, but my favorite song to listen to after a breakup (while in a very hot bathtub filled with bubbles and Epsom salt and maybe a long ugly cry) is ‘And So It Goes’ by Billy Joel. It is a song of healing, and leaves me a little bit closer to a smile and acceptance every time I hear it. I have lost a lot of potential loves in my life so this one hits me hard.

Do you have any favorite traditions for valentine’s day?
I have been single for a while so I am either in the studio or taking a friend out to dinner somewhere laughing a bunch (the norm). But my true tradition? I’ve been known to raid the candy aisle the day after Valentine’s day hahaha 😬😬😬. maybe I’ll put in my headphones and pop on the song ‘I Want Candy’ by Bow Wow Wow while I do it!

Is there one of your original songs that you think everyone needs on their valentine’s day playlist or on their breakup playlist? My song ‘Robot Boy’ is a fun tune for Valentine’s Day because it’s a throw-your-cares-out-the-window type song. It’s about having a robot lover instead of a real person because you keep getting your heart pinched a bunch. I wrote it with my friend, and artist, Jean Kelley, and we laughed so hard while writing it that I think it shows in the execution of the song. The whole point is so you laugh and sing “Beep” and “Boop” a lot! It’s a basic pop tune and the music video was a blast to make!

More Prisca

Prisca has a big show coming up on April 24th at the legendary Eddie’s Attic. It will be a special evening in a listening room where she will share stories behind the music and perform unreleased material off of her forthcoming project.

Take a listen to the beautiful message in her single “Skin”

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