Valentine’s Day with Chanda Leigh

Chanda Leigh is the lead singer of 3D The Boss. The band is a health and fitness pop group that uses their original music as the soundtrack of your wellness journey. Chanda believes that relationships should be built on trust, accountability, and deep intimate connections.

For Valentine’s day Chanda Leigh says that it “would be wise for people to research the true history of the holiday.   A lot of times we celebrate stuff without really knowing why.” 

Q&A With Chanda Leigh of 3D The Boss

What’s your favorite love song? 
Amel Larrieux “Make Me Whole” I love performing this song.  I sang it for my partner (his name is actually in the song) and almost made him cry.  I have also used it as a study in my vocal lessons to grow my ability to use head and chest voices seamlessly.  And last year I performed it at my friends’ wedding.  They were in tears. 

What’s your favorite breakup song?
My song “I’m Still Standing.”  This song pulled me out of a poor-me-phase in my life when I felt marginalized, unsupported and unloved.  The lyrics, which were co-written by my current partner and I, came effortlessly and quickly.  I use the song a lot to remind myself what a bad ass I am.

This song needs to be on everyone’s V’Day list for being not only an over comer, but a rock solid creator of your own joy!

Do you have any favorite traditions for valentine’s day? 
I love giving and receiving.  I like to be sure we celebrate it in some way.  I like to make a nice dinner (home cooked is best), and receive chocolate almonds and a beautiful card (from hubby and the kids)  Intensely connected and healing lovemaking while listening to the best R&B from the 90’s seals the holiday! 

More Chanda Leigh (3D The Boss)

3D The Boss is revamping their website and there will be some really amazing and exciting stuff on there.  Memberships to the Boss Family, tutorials for the band’s choreographed routines, and most importantly, 3 AMAZING life hacks to get your sexy back! How could a sista pass THAT up!?!