Amelia Headlines Eddie’s Attic

When Alice took a trip down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland she entered a world where only her imagination was the limit. Singer song writer Amelia started her musical career by auditioning for the role of Alice in a musical. Since then she has been channeling the music of some of her favorite aritsts (Macy Gray, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Lady GaGa) to craft a musical career that holds no limits.

Hearing Amilia headline at Eddie’s Attic, I learned that her music isn’t confined to one genre. You can feel her ties to soulful artists of the past yet she blends in contemporary styles and sounds to make music that fit for any generation.

Amelia has written over 100 original songs and planning to spend more time on performing on stage. The next time you get a chance to Listen Local and Listen Live with Ameilia you can expect:

A lot of soul, a lot of dancing, a lot of bad jokes, a lot of me being constantly blown away that I’m performing my own music that comes from the bottom of my heart. And a lot of gratitude that I hope radiates good energy. Oh, and a lot of sweat.


Amelia’s latest single “37” is a tune that showcases her blend of new and old.

You can find Amelia on Instagram, Spotify and Apple Music. Amelia is a talented artist that I need to hear more of and you should definitely add her to your music library.

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