Dara Carter’s next album is targeted for release later this year and Libro Musica continues to be along with her for the ride from now until its release. In this episode of the Dara Carter Chronicles we share her latest single, “Re-Up.”

“Re-Up” is about that kind of love that you can’t live without. The song is a celebration of the connection between two souls that transcends the physical. Have you ever felt a connection that was so potent that it feels like a drug!?!

You get inside my head
In my dreams
I feel it in my soul
I’ll keep this heart of yours
In my hands
I’ll never let it go
And we can take a place in the sun
Where two hearts can beat as one heart
Beating for our love

The beat for this track was laid down by Atlanta’s own Professor X of X-Factor Studios. The song is bright like a spring day and a perfect one to rejoice to as you bask in the joy of love.

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With The Dara Carter Chronicles, we will be there with her in the studio, on tour and with her as she makes appearances to promote her current and future music.

Stay tuned to Libro Musica and we continue with The Dara Carter Chronicles.  If you want to see her live, check in on the event calendar at DaraCarter.com.  You can also follow her on Instagram, FacebookYouTubeSpotify and iTunes.

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