Going “Yonderway” with New Music from Cody Bolden

Canton, Georgia based singer-songwriter Cody Bolden is a relatively new face on the Atlanta music scene. It’s only been a couple years since he decided to pick up his guitar and start his music career. Since then he has published his Live from Woodstock album and most recently released the single “Yonderway.”

Growing up between Rural Alabama and Georgia, I experienced how time has a way of standing still. People in these small towns still find pleasure in the simple way of life instead of conforming to the era of instant gratification. Words like “Yonder” and “Hollow” that may not live in a dictionary are used on a daily basis, and are the true language of the rural south. “Yonder Way” is the way of life that I grew up in, and still revert back to anytime I go home

With “Yonderway” Cody Bolden does take you away to a more simple time and space. The song wraps you up like a cozy blanket and Cody’s down home voice feels like the voice of a trusted friend giving you some well needed advice.

With songs like this Cody Bolden is a voice that I hope to hear more of in the years to come. Take a listen and you just may find one of you new favorite artists.

More Cody Bolden

You can hear Cody Bolden‘s 2018 Live from Woodstock album on Spotify and on iTunes. On Live from Woodstock Cody Bolden demonstrates his strong song writing talents. Listen Live and Listen Local to his performance of “Eyes on the Door” at MadLife Stage and Studios in Woodstock, GA.

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