New Music: Here We Are Flying High with Desi Raines

Soulful singer songwriter Desi Raines is back in the studio producing new music for 2019. His first releases for the year are the songs “Here We Are” and “Flying High.” These songs were written over a year ago in the midst of the heighten debates around Colin Kaepernick and the NFL protests.

In response to what he felt was a negative media campaign about the protests, Desi Raines says that he…

… wanted to speak about how through all of the BS, Black people are still flying high, setting trends, and living loud, I was told by some people on the team that [with these songs] I just came off like an angry Black man, and I might offend some of the White audience I had obtained. So, like many times in my career up to this point, I listened to everyone else instead of my own voice. Fast forward to now, we’re still being targeted. They’re still painting ya in a bad light yet we’re still flying high. I made a decision that I wouldn’t be afraid to trust my voice from now on. So here we are.

With “Here We Are” and “Flying High.” Desi Raines shares a message to remind his melanin infused brothers and sisters that they matter. His message is also that despite our differences, we can all fly high together

These tracks were produced by Atlanta producer Bryan Williams.

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Desi Raines is focusing on releasing music this year so his time on stage will be limited but, you never know when he may decide to hit the stage again soon. Stay tuned to Libro Musica to hear more new music from Desi Raines and show announcements. Until then “Fly Away” with Desi Raines and his performance at Aisle 5 for the Shade of Soul series.

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