New Music From the Pussywillows on “400 Hours”

The Pussywillows latest singe “400 Hours” dropped on International Women’s Day. The duet made up of Carly Gibson and Hannah Zale takes on the dark cycle of abusive relationships.

This song was inspired by a mutual friend. We watched her relationship with her partner over the years and noticed a brutal and toxic pattern kept repeating. No matter what he did or how many times he let her down, she always took him back. This song is meant to encourage people in unhealthy relationships to recognize the cycle and hopefully break it. – Hannah Zale

If you are healing from, or currently in an abusive or toxic relationship, The Pussywillows encourage you to seek help and learn more by visiting LoveIsRespect.ORG.

Recorded in Patrick Taylor’s studio in Roswell, GA, the rhythm section of this song rolls like thunder with The Pussywillows laying down the lyrics with harmonic splendor. To evoke the synergy and magic that The Pussywillows have on stage Carly and Hannah sang their individual parts into a single microphone.

The track was produced, engineered & mixed by Patrick Taylor with final mastering by Martina Albano. “400 Hours” is the first track from the upcoming self-title EP, The Pussywillows. Take a listen!

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