Week 6 – Series 24 of the Tin Roof Cantina Acoustic Showdown

This week’s winner of the Tin Roof Cantina Acoustic Showdown was the trio Peregrine. The band moves on to the finale on April 12th. The band is comprised of Laura Caffrey on vocals and keyboard, her brother Christian Caffrey on guitar and Christian’s girlfriend Brooke Powell on vocals.  Each member of the trio has their own solo projects but began playing and writing together in January of this year. Christian’s solo project is called Seder, Brooke’s is called mother vine and Laura’s is Lorelou.  

When asked about the inspirations for the songs in their set, Laura Caffrey shared:

I always feel like January – March can be the toughest time of the year, and very big on introspection and processing in preparation for the coming spring when new things are born.  Most of the songs in our set were written within the two weeks when it seemed to be raining every day.  That environment brought up very emotional themes for each of us that we were able to weave together into the set that we played for the Acoustic Showdown.

The inspiration for our music is very heavily focused on authenticity.  We believe that we can do the most good when we are transparent and honest about the struggles and the successes that we face.  We can relate to each other much better when we’re open but within our social media culture, there is a lot of showboating and pretending that everyone’s life is perfect. The truth is, everyone is going through things, and if we’re unafraid to be vulnerable and show others what our struggles sound like, maybe someone can relate and be courageous enough to be vulnerable themselves.   We love the acoustic showdown because it’s such an intimate and welcoming environment for musicians of all skill levels to perform and find encouragement and practice getting on stage.  The overall prize is a huge opportunity to jump start a musical project and get the energy moving in a forward direction.  The most exciting part for us is the opportunity to share our hearts with others regardless of winning or losing

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