Getting Emotional with Aspen Anonda at the Festival of Sisterhood

Aspen Anonda has a penchant for writing songs that strike at the emotions related to romance and relationships. The singer, songwriter musician says “I’m here to sing songs and write until my hands fall off ” She released her first EP, “Inner Workings of my Soul” in November 2017. On this EP she most definitely shared the inner workings of her soul with her raw and emotional lyrics.

For the Festival of Sisterhood at the Foundry in Athens, Aspen Anonda shared new music that holds true to her desire to create a space for others to feel deeply.

We all hear stories about drunk texting and what it feels like during the episode of intoxication and the morning after those texts are sent. Aspen Anonda’s song “Calling My Name” is written about the other side of those drunk texts. “Every time you go out you are calling me calling my name, making me go insane…. I’m not coming over, I’m not coming over, you don’t love me any more...” Listen local and listen live here.

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Slow” is a song that you need to put on when you are feeling anxious about the start of a new relationship. Especially when the object of our desire is entangled with another! When love is blossoming why does it seem that nothing happens fast enough? You can find “Slow” on the Libro Musica Live! YouTube channel.

You can stream her EP “Inner Workings of My Soul” on Spotify, or pick it up on iTunes.

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