Sarah Zúñiga at the Festival of Sisterhood

2018 was a year filled with growth and opportunity for singer-songwriter and guitarist Sarah Zúñiga. She released her debut album Someday Soon, was a finalist in the Athens Music Awards in the singer/songwriter category, performed at a host of venues in Athens and Atlanta, took her guitar on the road for a tour up the east coast, and was a finalist at the Tin Roof Cantina’s Acoustic Showdown.

In 2019 Sarah continues to perform live and create more music. She shared a mix of pop, folk-rock, coffeehouse, and Latin music at The Foundry in Athens for the Mousai Festival of Sisterhood.

“Pathways” is a song about feeling lost and stuck yet afraid of change. This single is from her Someday Soon album. You can stream her music on Spotify or download it on iTunes.

Sarah Zúñiga “Pathways’

One of Sarah Zúñiga‘s most recent songs is “What is Love.” This song is a raw confession about how she, at the age of 25, still hasn’t figured out what love is. The song is about the expectations that she has set for herself that are still out of her reach.

Sarah Zúñigaas “What Is Love”

If you haven’t done so already, add Sarah Zúñiga to your music library and don’t forget to listen live and listen local to catch her next performance.