“It’s the End of the Thrones As We Know It”, BiggY & the Smalls too

Feeling fine doesn’t describe most Game of Thrones fans today, as the last episode is about to air. In fact, speaking for us as a (ginormous) group, I feel pretty… complicated. But R.E.M. wrote a catchy tune, perfect for detailed parody recycling, and being reminded of the hundreds (thousands) of elements that made GoT such an epic establishment of modern mythology does actually feel really good.

So here is local Atlanta band, Biggy & The Smalls, singing Kevin Rosser’s rewrite of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.” How many elements of the show can you catch in this video homage?

VIDEO: “It’s the End of the Thrones As We Know It
(And I Feel Fine)”

There’s a double-edged Valerian-steel sword to this song of ice and fire, because turns out this is the end of local Atlanta band Biggy and The Smalls as we know it too. The Smalls –twin brothers Gavin and Ethan McDonnell– are going off to college in the fall.

The “I.T.E.O.T.T.A.W.K.I.” Crew

  • Lead Vocals/Bass: Chris Iconis
  • Vocals/Guitar: Gavin McDonnell
  • Vocals/Keyboards: Ethan “Small 2” McDonnell
  • Drums/Tambourine: David Goodwin
  • Lyrics Writer, “It’s the End of the Thrones As We Know It”: Kevin Rosser

David Goodwin on “Game of Thrones”

“Game of Thrones is a modern equivalent of Beowulf, and I felt that way about Lord of the Rings. At the end of the book, when I close the cover, that feeling I get is because every character in there feels like [they had been] a real person that I knew. Not every writer can do that, but if your development is good enough, it feels like that.”

BONUS CONTENT: Biggy & the Smalls’ Acapella
“Song of Ice & Fire” (an original composition)

Kevin Rosser Regarding Building “I.T.E.O.T.T.A.W.K.I.”

Well, I’ve been watching since it first aired in 2011. With Game of Thrones coming to an end, I knew I wanted to do something to commemorate it. I thought that this would be a good way of softening the blow to the end of a show that I loved and held dear to my heart. I had never done anything like this before — it was hard, really hard. Before everything was finished I got a hold of my friend David Goodwin and asked him if he had a band that could help me. He recommended Biggy and The Smalls. I listened to a few of their songs and knew right away that they would be the right choice!

“You helped me do something I was sure wasn’t even possible. You have my everlasting thanks, and I hope we can work on future projects together!”

–songwriter Kevin Rosser, to Biggy & The Smalls

When I met them at Itchy Brain [Recording (studio)], I felt nothing but good vibes! I really can’t say enough about these guys! Everything was spot on, the vocals, the music, the mixing, everything! True professionals. This was an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

VIDEO: The “I.T.E.O.T.T.A.W.K.I.” Performance-Version

Two Degrees of Kevin Rosser

Chris Iconis has been the McDonnell’s music teacher for years, and had met David Goodwin at Dragoncon back in the day. David knows Kevin from way back when they both worked a haunted house, as one does.

It’s a Small World After All

I’d met David Goodwin a handful of years ago, and then heard that he and the rest of The Smalls had made it to the finals of the recent season of Ian Schumacher’s Acoustic Showdown at Tin Roof Cantina — which we at Libro Musica have supported for a good while. I’m rather bummed I was out of town and have never had the opportunity to hear BatS perform live. What I missed was them making fourth in the finals!

I remember video from Biggy and The Smalls from back then, and Biggy was of course remarkably big and The Smalls, 1 and 2 but barring Chris, were reeally small. They’ve come a long way in these six years. What seemed to start off as a fun jam band has developed into some serious music making.

The song production on “I.T.E.O.T.T.A.W.K.I.” is tight and entertaining and more than enough to make sure I catch them for any spring-break-moment gigs in-town. If you’re into the geeky tribute stuff, check out B.a.t.S.’ kick-ass Star Wars homage video, “Starkiller Base”. I did. Yes, please. More, please.

Rumor Mill

Rumor has it David and Chris will be working on a “Star Trek” homage via the music of The Cure. Be still my beating heart. Stay tuned.

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