Going Retro with The Smooth Stylings of Nick Waterhouse

Let your mind and inner ear wander to the sounds of some old school soul and add in a little 50’s & 60’s rockabilly and pop and you will be prepared for a Nick Waterhouse concert. Since 2012 Nick Waterhouse has given a nod to the music of another generation. Nick Waterhouse and his band’s performance at Terminal West was tightly arranged with wicked tempos and great musicianship.

On “I Feel An Urge Coming On”, Nick Waterhouse does a great tribute to the 1967 Jo Armstead song.

I feel an urge coming on
Comin’ on strong
I feel an urge coming on
Comin’ on strong now
I feel an urge
And baby, I’ve got the nerve
I want you to meet me
Why don’t you meet me
Down in lovers lane?

“Don’t You Forget It” is a track from Nick Waterhouse’s debut album Times All Gone.

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