The majesty of Russell Gunn and the royal krunk jazz orkestra

Once upon a time in the golden age of Greek mythology the Titans ruled. These Titans were overthrown by their progeny and ultimately faded into the annals of history and lost significance. There are some that say the golden age of jazz is gone with the passing of jazz titans from the last century. Jazz fans ponder who could possibly rise to their heights of creativity.

It was fitting that on the birthday of one of the greatest jazz Titans of all time, Miles Davis, that we got to witness the major festival debut of Russell Gunn and The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra at the Atlanta Jazz Festival.

Russell Gunn’s project The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra is a modern take on traditional Jazz Big Band mixed with with Rhythm & Blues and Southern Hip-Hop. To say that Sunday’s performance of the Orkestra was artful display of genius would be an understatement. The 2o piece Royal Jazz Funk Orkestra with the phenominal Dionne Farris on vocals generated a masterpiece of sound that certainly reached the heavens.

To kick off the performance we were raised to our feet by the performance of the Negro National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. From that moment through to the big stage debut of Russell Gunn’s unreleased work “Pyramid” The Royal Krunk Jazz Orkestra put on a mind blowing performance.

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