Allan Rayman at Vinyl

Allan Rayman’s music is dark, gritty, soulful and discordant. When I spun up his debut album Hotel Allan back in 2016 I played it for a few hours every day for a week or three. Since then I have shared this album and the songs on 2017’s Roadhouse 01 and last year’s Harry Hard-On with just about anyone that asks me about music that I love. His return performance to Vinyl at Center Stage met all of my expectations for a fervent night of music.

“Tennessee” is one of the tracks from Hotel Allan that first caught my attention. His voice zig zags over the music like the hairpins on the back road of a Tennessee Mountain.

Allan Rayman “Tennesee”

“Well, I’m a simple kind of man with a simple kind of plan. Like to keep it lowkey,” That’s exactly what I would expect from an artist like Allan Rayman born in Wyoming who now calls Toronto home. Grungy, funky alternative rock and alternative R&B music is definitely not what I would expect come from places like these. Allan Rayman has a distinctive voice and lyrical style that he wields powerfully in his music.

Allan Rayman‘s set at Vinyl was a one man show with him backed by his music. Even without a band backing him, Allan Rayman is enough of a presence on stage to keep an audience captivated, engaged and energized with his music.

“Rose” from Allan Rayman’s latest album Harry Hard-On has a cinematic video that is a great example of how he extends his story telling in his music videos.

And just because I can never seem to get enough of Allan Rayman, and hopefully you are feeling the same… here is another of my favorites from Hotel Allan, “27”.