The Magic of the Ashley Rivera Duo at Gypsy Rose Music

A signature sound and haunting lyrics are part of what sets apart the alternative rock band Sister Moon. Sister Moon’s lead singer Ashley Rivera‘s distinctive voice is much of what makes up Sister Moon’s signature sound. Her voice works a certain kind of magic and her spell is even more enrapturing when simply accompanied by Gary Stone on acoustic guitar. Channel in some Romani magic at Gypsy Rose Music and it’s a show that will leave you enthralled.

Sister Moon‘s “Lorelei” has echoes of ages long past and the type of magic that a woman’s voice can wield… I heard her call in the distance, I heard a song on the night, she knows I can’t resist it, she knows I won’t try… .

The Ashley Rivera duo works their magic and plays classic songs from the 60’s through 90’s. Since 1968 Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” has been covered by many artists. Ashley Rivera’s take on the song is one to add to your list of favorites.

Add Ashley Rivera and Sister Moon to your music library and be sure to listen live and listen local as they hit the stage around town.

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