Jazz Jam at Brew and Bird in Decatur

Chicken and beer brings me thoughts of the Braves and baseball. After tonight’s jazz jam at Brew and Bird in Decatur, I’m adding straight ahead jazz to the list of things that goes well with chicken and beer.

At Brew and Bird it’s not just any chicken or beer. They serve up the usual suspects like buffalo and lemon pepper and they also jazz things up with Eastern influences to create Korean barbecued chicken, Korean garlic pepper chicken and a special house style. For beer they have over 60 craft beers on tap and in cans.

Brew and Bird is also not just ANY venue to stop by to hear music. Unlike what one might expect from a restaurant that has music, every Thursday night the music is perfectly paired with the food and beers. In a section of the restaurant dedicated to music fans and performers a listening room vibe takes place as everyone focuses on the music.

Another thing that sets apart the jazz at Brew and Bird is the legacy of the owner, CG Yi. CG Yi was the owner of Atlanta’s hallmark jazz club Churchill Grounds. At the Thursday night jazz jam you will find some of Atlanta’ best and brightness jazz performers putting together an improv set of straight ahead jazz music.

Every Thursday night at Bird and Brew, admission is $5 and the music starts at 7.

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