The Pussywillows Bloom with their EP Release at Eddie’s Attic

Like the late spring blossoming of their namesake flower, The Pussywillows have bloomed with the release of their self titled EP, The Pussywillows, Over the years, fans got to witness their growth on stage as they added more electric guitar and with the addition of a full band.

Earlier this year, on International Woman’s Da,y The Pussywillows released “400 Hours,” the first track from their EP. “400 Hours” gives a voice to the many women who suffer silently – stuck in a cycle of an abusive relationship.


“400 Hours” is thick with harmonies and moving lyrics. With it, The Pussywillows gave a hint of a deeply rooted project that they debuted at Eddie’s Attic. Mixed in with performances of all the songs from the EP, we were treated to a rocking cover of “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath.

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